A person using a lopper to cut a branch
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How PVC Pipe Can Extend The Reach Of Your Gardening Loppers
When faced with the challenge of reaching higher branches while pruning, a simple and cost-effective solution is to use a PVC pipe to extend the reach of your gardening loppers.
For this hack, you'll need a PVC pipe that is just large enough to fit over your loppers — so if the handles are 1 inch in diameter, a 1 ¼ inch pipe would be ideal.
You'll also need something to cut the PVC pipe. While you can use tools such as a manual miter saw or jigsaw, a pipe cutter will give you an extra clean cut.
Per Today's Homeowner, you can extend your loppers by up to 3 feet with this method, but if you don't need that much length, cut the pipe to any length that suits your needs.
Once trimmed, simply slip the PVC pipe over your lopper handles. If you're planning on extensive pruning, you can ensure the pipe stays in place by securing it with
duct tape.