A brown bunny eating a petunia flower
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How Raw Eggs Can Keep Bunnies Out Of Your Garden
Bunnies have very sensitive noses, so adding raw eggs that have been left out too long to your garden will have a strong smell and keep the animals away.
Rabbits don't eat raw eggs either because they can't properly digest them, and they know to run the other way when there is a slight smell of eggs in the air.
Blend raw eggs in a blender or food processor for 30 seconds, add them to your garden sprayer, and fill the rest with water. Spray the mixture over every vegetable in your garden.
To make sure the bunnies really stay away, mix chili flakes and garlic with the eggs to enhance the smell and add a few drops of dish soap to tone down the scent of your plants.
Reapply the raw egg mixture every couple of weeks. Raw eggs can give the vegetables a weird taste, so using the solution on the veggies you need to peel is best.
You can also spray the raw egg mixture along the border of the garden or the soil instead of directly on your plants and vegetables.