A person holding a small rosemary plant
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How Rosemary Can Solve Your Annoying Fly Problem
If you've been experiencing trouble with pesky flies in your garden, placing a few cuttings of rosemary around the infested areas will protect your plants from
potential damage.
Flies have a strong sense of smell, and they detest rosemary's powerful scent. They should be able to detect the scent well before they land on the plants in your garden.
You can also plant rosemary, ideally not too young, in sunlit areas of your garden. Ensure there is an 18-inch gap between the herb and other plants to allow ample room for growth.
For those considering this natural fly repellent, it's recommended to introduce rosemary to your garden in the spring months, as it will give the plant the best chance to flourish.
Alternatively, you might opt to grow rosemary from scratch using seeds. However, this method will take much longer, and you'll have to wait to witness its repellent effects.