HGTV's "Property Brothers" Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott at a book signing for "It Takes Two: Our Story"
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How The Property Brothers Easily Spot A Cheap Kitchen
The Property Brothers, HGTV's design experts, recommend looking at kitchen drawers when house shopping. If you pull one open and it comes flying out, then it's a cheap setup.
Cabinets should also be examined to ensure they’re well-built, as replacing them is expensive. The kitchen is the most used room in a home, so you don't want a cheap design.
On a "Property Brothers" episode, the brothers immediately recognized a house as a "quick flip property," as the kitchen drawers were a bit out of place and fell out
when pulled.
Co-host Drew Scott noted, "Every drawer is crooked or discolored." Even though loose drawers can be fixed, you shouldn't have to do extra handy work on a home for sale.
Some homeowners make home improvements before selling but take the cheaper route and hope no one will notice, sticking the buyers with fixing items like drawers and cabinets.