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How To Arrange A Flower Vase According To Ina Garten
Arranging a large bouquet can be a bit difficult, but Ina Garten shared a deceptively simple solution — split your flowers up to make a few cohesive mini-displays.
"Instead of making one big arrangement, it's so much easier to make small vases of flowers and just move them around until they look right," Garten shared on Instagram.
On Instagram, Garten showcased three mid-sized vases holding small, colorful flowers. Each has similar colors and shapes, so they create an overall cohesive look together.
To do this, gather a few small vases and create mini bouquets with your flowers. Trim away leaves that would sit below the water line and cut the bottom of the stems at an angle.
For a smaller-mouthed vase, try a combo of 1-2 larger flowers and some filler, such as baby's breath. For larger-mouthed vases, simply layer and mess around with your arrangement.
Smaller bottles or trinkets can be repurposed for this hack. For a look similar to Ina Garten's, a set of small vases or jars in the same color scheme is the way to go.
For a more eclectic look, use a set of upcycled bottles that are the same color but at different heights. This will make your bouquets individual while still looking like a set.