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How To
Attract Crows
To Your Yard
And Why You
Want To
Use Decoy Crows
Crows are social birds, so setting up decoys around your yard will appeal to their gathering instincts. Find the most realistic decoys possible and position them in ways that mimic group eating or roosting to draw the attention of real crows.
Crow-Friendly Yard
Crows are intelligent birds and will avoid large or loud objects to protect themselves from danger. Barrels, ladders, wind chimes, and pets are great examples of things that keep crows away, so completely eliminate them from your designated crow area.
Roosting Areas
Crows prefer horizontal roosting locations, like utility poles, wires, building edges, trees, and fences. You can make a DIY roosting area by putting a pole in your yard with a crossbar at the top that has enough room for multiple crows to gather at one time.
Scatter Shiny Objects
Crows love to gather shiny objects, so leave a few thrifted CDs, coins, or nails around your yard to catch their eye. Be sure to keep kids and pets away from these objects to prevent injuries, and know that smaller birds will avoid your yard when you scatter shiny items.
Bird Bath
Crows need bird baths that are wider and deeper than a bird bath used to attract smaller garden birds. If you can’t find a bird bath big enough for crows, simply fill a bucket with water and make sure to change the water daily.