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How To Attract Owls To Your Yard And Why
You Would
Want To
There are many reasons why owls are suitable for the garden, as they prey on everything from small vermin to larger animals like rabbits and skunks, and they also eat many insects. Since most are nocturnal, they take care of all of these pests before you wake up for your day.
Provide Shelter
In the wild, owls will look for a hole in a decaying tree to use for resting and raising their little families, so installing a nesting box on your property helps attract them. Owls will be scouting out nesting options before the end of winter, so it's best to install yours by February.
Provide Safety
Owls' eyes have evolved into seeing best in darkness, so light inside your home or on your porch will confuse these hunters mid-flight, and they will not feel safe in a well-lit backyard. Once owls have settled in, chemical pesticides and rodenticides should be avoided, as they can be harmful to the birds.
Provide Food
As carnivorous raptors, owls primarily hunt small rodents, so you'll need to invite their prey to the party before you can expect any owls to arrive. Tall grasses, unmowed sections of lawn, and brush piles will attract small rodents, but just be sure these are made up of organic elements and free of actual trash.