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How To Attract Robins To Your Garden
Many of us know the robin (Turdus Migratorius) from many popular songs, poetry, and nursery rhymes, and it is North America’s largest thrush. Providing food, clean water, and a nice nesting habitat can attract these songbirds throughout the year.
These omnivorous birds seek out earthworms, spiders, caterpillars, snails, and grasshoppers, and so by letting your garden go untended or setting out a container with mealworms, you could attract these creatures. Fruits also make up about 60% of a robin’s diet, so fruit-bearing trees or bushes, a plate of fruit, jelly, or suet cakes will make your garden irresistible to robins.
A robin’s nesting period is April through August, and so by attaching a nesting box to a tree or to the side of your house and providing natural resources like twigs, grass, leaves, and mud, you can lure in robins. Birdbaths and mirrors can also captivate the cute little bird, but watch out for predators like cats.