Cutworm caterpillar eating a leaf.
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How To Banish Destructive Cutworms From Your Lawn
Cutworms are the larvae of several species of night-flying moths that can quickly turn your lush green lawn into a patchy mess if left unchecked.
If you find a caterpillar you think might be a cutworm, poke or move it. If it curls into a ā€œCā€ shape, it is likely a cutworm, especially if you spot it in the evening.
They often leave behind chewed grass debris or partially consumed blades. These remnants are visible on the surface of the lawn or accumulated around the base of grass plants.
One effective natural method for eradicating cutworms is introducing natural enemies, such as beneficial nematodes, which will prey on the larvae.
Another organic option is using botanical insecticides like neem oil, which disrupts their growth and feeding patterns. Garlic and chili peppers are also great natural deterrents.
Chemical control options can be used when other methods are ineffective, or the infestation is severe, but keeping your lawn healthy helps make it less attractive to cutworms.
This will involve proper lawn care practices like regular mowing, appropriate watering, balanced fertilization, clearing away debris, and removing weeds.
Consider using physical barriers like collars around vulnerable plants, and create bird-friendly habitats and reduce pesticide use, which will encourage natural predators.