A male homeowner in casual clothing uses a caulk gun when updating his home with new energy efficient windows to make the home more sustainable.
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How To Best Insulate Windows
One way to improve your window's insulation is to use caulk to fill any gaps where air might be coming through. This is a common DIY project that most homeowners can handle, but it's important to follow proper steps to ensure proper function and a professional-looking execution.
It is also important to use the correct type of caulk for each application — caulk for outdoor areas is weatherproof to protect against the elements but is too harsh to be used indoors, where you should use much safer indoor-specific caulk instead. After the caulk you applied has fully set, you can also apply weatherstripping to the window sash for additional insulation.
Another way to quickly improve your home's energy efficiency is to apply window insulation film, which is relatively affordable. According to Home Reference, the two main types of window insulation film are convection control film and solar control film.
Though solutions like window film can help improve the efficiency of your home, at a certain point you should consider whether it's time to replace your windows. High-quality windows should last around two decades, after which you should expect to have to make repairs, at the very least.