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How To Bring Old Hardwood Floors Back To Life
Use A Wood Floor Restorer
According to Rejuvenate Products, you can use its wood rejuvenating products on solid wood of nearly all kinds to restore old floors. It fills in cracks and scratches with its water-based polyurethane formula while also protecting the floors from future damage, and you only need to use one coat to see results.
Rent A Buffer
If you have wood floors with a polyurethane finish, you can rent a commercial-grade buffer to remove superficial knicks on the finish; however, this method won't work if you have scratches in the actual wood. You can rent the machine from Home Depot and buy the pads and finishing products from a home improvement store.
Use A Polishing Sealant
Vacuum the floor with a soft brush attachment, spray a wood floor cleaner such as Bona directly on the floor, use a mop to scrub the area thoroughly, and let it dry. Then, pour a polish like Weiman Hardwood Polish and Restorer onto the floor and use the mop to disperse it evenly; it'll seal the surface and fill in light scratches.
Try Chemical Abrasion Kit
Any product you try to use on a waxed floor won't stick or bond to it, so you'll need to strip it off; that's where Rust-Oleum's Wood Floor Transformation Renewal Kit comes in. It includes all the major components you'll need, prepares the surface to accept the new finish, and delivers impressive results in most cases.
Recoat Your Floors
Your hardwood floors are likely coated with polyurethane, which needs to be recoated once in a while, and if you rent a buffing machine, you can do it yourself. Put a light screen on the bottom of the buffing wheel to prepare the old surface for a new finish, deep clean the floor, and apply one to two coats of polyurethane finish of your choice.