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How To Build A Chic Backyard Deck With Unwanted Wooden Pallets
Wooden decks create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, but they can be expensive and require professional builders and complex structural engineering.
TikToker @holman_home unveils how to create a stable and customizable option for creating a low-slung deck out of wooden pallets perfect for rental properties, tiny homes, and RVs.
Consider sourcing recycled pallets from warehouses or retailers. Ensure they don’t have damage, structural flaws, pest infiltration, or moisture damage.
To prepare the ground, create a stable foundation using a sand base and concrete cinder blocks. Secure the pallets together with bolts or screws for a durable and customizable deck.
Raise your deck slightly off the ground to prevent mold and rot. Some homeowners leave pallets visible, while others use them as a structural base for other kinds of wood paneling.
For pallets already in great condition, consider arranging them in alternate directions for a patterned look or placing an outdoor rug over them for a cozy outdoor living spot.
Paint, stain, and seal the pallets to make them resistant to moisture and wear while increasing their longevity. This project can be completed for around $100-$150 and little labor.