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How To Choose Between Vinyl And Fiberglass Windows
To choose between fiberglass or vinyl window for your home, consider the merits and demerits of each material, ranging from cost and installation to appearance and durability.
Since fiberglass options cost 10-30% more than vinyl options when including the labor to install them, vinyl windows offer quality windows at a much lesser price.
Made of PVC plastic, a vinyl window is flexible and easy to install, as it easily fits into a window frame's tight space, which helps DIY-ers and professional installers alike.
However, PVC is also a weakness in vinyl windows, as plastic can expand and contract when exposed to temperature changes and weather patterns.
This exposure causes the window to warp over time, reducing its insulation qualities, durability, and the usual lifespan of up to three decades.
Meanwhile, fiberglass is up to eight times as durable as vinyl due to glass fibers woven into plastic. They last up to 50 years in extreme heat, cold, and other outdoor elements.
Fiberglass will also suit you if styling is your priority. Vinyl options have limited colors and, unlike fiberglass, can't be painted, so you can't style them to match your home.
Though costly and hard to install, fiberglass is sturdy with customization options. It's a great long-term solution that can better take on the outdoors and adapt to any style.