A little girl holding two pots of hydrangeas
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How To Choose The Best Type Of Pot For Planting Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are an easy-to-grow flower that can thrive in pots and brighten up your home. According to garden journalist and expert John Negus, here’s what kind of pot to use.
Be sure to use soil that is fertile, “slow to dry out,” and loamy. Hydrangeas need a large enough container for their roots to spread freely, along with consistent watering.
Hydrangeas grow quite big and fast, so set yourself up for success by starting with a pot of 24 inches or larger. Small or medium pots will require repotting within two years.
While a temporary spot offers more pot flexibility, for a permanent location, you’ll want a larger pot. If you have harsh winters, don’t use clay, terracotta, or ceramic materials.
If you think you’ll want to move your pot around, a lighter-weight pot will be more efficient, but heavier ones can be placed on stands with wheels for convenience.
Hydrangeas prefer well-draining and sandy soils, and a partially sunny and shady location will be the best spot for your pot.