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How To Choose The Best Upholstery For Your Sofa
Choosing the upholstery of your sofa is a very important decision since it’s the focal point of your living room, but before you jump on a decision, here are some things to consider. If you have pets or kids, you’ll want an upholstery fabric that is stain resistant and has a tight weave.
Linen provides great comfort, but it’s not suitable for everyday use since it’ll wear and tear when kids and animals play on it. This fabric doesn’t pill, fade, or grow mildew, but since it wrinkles easily, you’ll need to get it cleaned professionally, making it an inconvenient option if you have pets or kids.
Leather is very easy to maintain since it’s nearly stain-proof, but it is susceptible to scratches from sharp objects or your pet's nails. Not only is leather expensive, but to prevent it from cracking, you’ll need to maintain a regular schedule of moisturizing your sofa with a leather conditioner.
Polyester is a very popular choice since it’s easy to clean and quick to dry, so when a child spills a drink on the sofa, just throw the fabric into the washing machine. However, this fabric is very flammable and you shouldn’t put it in a sunroom because the temperature will cause it to crack.
Velvet is an expensive, beautiful, and elegant fabric, but realistically, it’s meant for formal settings and infrequent use. Velvet is not kid-friendly as it’s very fragile, so the appearance will fade over time with everyday use.