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How To Choose The Right Type Of Paint
To Use On Exterior Brick
When choosing paint for exterior brick surfaces, it's vital to opt for formulations like acrylic latex exterior, elastodynamic, or limewash, all specifically designed
for masonry.
Elastodynamic paint offers high elasticity, ideal for filling brick cracks and slight texture variations. It also protects masonry by creating a watertight covering
for the brick.
While this paint is resilient against changing weather conditions and provides about a decade of longevity, it's more costly and might require a more complex application process.
Acrylic latex exterior paint ensures that any moisture left inside the porous brick material evaporates quickly, reducing the chance of damage from repeated freeze and thaw cycles.
It's reasonably priced, durable, and easy to apply, which makes it a popular choice for exterior brick surfaces. However, it may show accumulated dirt and mildew over time.
Lastly, limewash gives bricks a vintage, distressed look and is made from natural materials, but its application can be tricky and might require professional assistance.