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How To Clean Mildew Buildup On Your Shower Curtain
Mildew and mold thrive in moist environments, so it’s no surprise they easily accumulate in your bathroom. While you may regularly scrub the toilet, shower, and floor, it’s easy to forget the shower curtain; without properly cleaning, mildew on the shower curtain can become a real problem.
The first step to stopping the spread of mildew is to get rid of the moisture in your bathroom, which you can do by opening a window during and after your shower, or by using a dehumidifier and ceiling exhaust fan. Another trick is to make sure the shower curtain is pulled closed after your shower, but not your liner.
If you already notice mildew forming on your curtains, check the cleaning label on the fabric to see if it’s machine washable, and if it is, toss your curtain in for a quick wash cycle while the vinyl liner air dries. If you wash the curtain by hand, soak it for 15 minutes in a solution with equal parts vinegar and borax with added water, then grab a sponge and scrub away the mildew.