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How To Create A Countertop Tray From Dollar Tree Paper Towel Holders
Add an elegant touch to your kitchen countertop by creating a stylish display tray to hold produce, a tea set, or seasonings, using inexpensive Dollar Tree paper towel holders.
For your tray, you’ll need to purchase four paper towel holders, a pack of zip ties, small decorative plaques, screws, and glue from Dollar Tree, plus mirror sheets from Amazon.
TikToker @nittas_homeandstyle demonstrated how to begin by tying together the handles of two of the paper towel holders with zip ties so that their circular bases are on the end.
Next, tie together the other two paper towel holders in the same way, then tie both pairs of holders together with zip ties so their circular bases create four feet for your tray.
Finally, screw the four plaques together to make the surface of the tray, cover it with mirror paper, and place it onto your paper towel holder frame to complete your display tray.