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How To Deadhead Snapdragons For Gorgeous, Long-Lasting Blooms
While colorful, long-lasting perennial snapdragons are a garden favorite, deadheading them to ensure they persist after frost is complicated due to their unique blooming pattern.
After the first blooms start to fade, the tall central stem will begin to develop side stems in early autumn. As these will last well past frost, it’s important not
to snip them.
Trim the central stalk once the side stems form to direct the plant’s energy to the emerging buds. If the central buds fade before the side growth starts, you can cut them earlier.
To harvest the plant’s seedpods, wait to trim its stems until small, brown seed heads form. Dry the pods out completely before removing the seeds for planting in the spring.
Keep in mind that the plant will get shorter after you deadhead it in the fall. Placing them at the front of your flowerbed or along a walkway is a great way to showcase them.