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You come home from the grocery store with yet another canned good haul, only to realize it's time to clean and declutter your pantry. Through thoughtful organization and the repurposing of household objects, you can declutter your pantry without losing your mind or spending money.
The first step of decluttering your food storage is to remove absolutely everything. This helps you see how much space you have to work with and make tough calls on what you need to throw out.
After this, check all of your dried goods for their expiration dates before putting them back in your cupboards. Discard the expired items and wipe down everything you've decided to keep when you're done.
Decide on a few categories to group your pantry goods into, place them into classic Mason jars, and use pantry organizers, if you have them. Keep the items you use most often on the lower shelves, and take a minute to step back and look at your wonderful, functional pantry.