End table with an open book in front of a couch
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An End Table Using The Rule Of Three
The "rule of three" in design means to use 3 items when styling a vignette. One place to utilize this rule is when decorating an end table, as this will simplify designing.
When choosing items for your end table, create interest with varying heights, colors, and textures. You want them to create a triangle so your gaze falls on
all three items.
Include a pop of color through greenery, florals, or knick-knacks. Textures can be brought in by mixing materials, like a wooden picture frame and a ceramic vase.
Make one item the focal point, then build around that with smaller pieces that complement it. An example is choosing a lamp, then adding a medium-sized vase and a string of beads.
Another example is a stack of books, with
a small plant and coasters. Allow yourself to experiment with different arrangements until you find something you really enjoy.