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How To Decorate The Bedroom For Summer
Change Sheets
Summer is about keeping sheet designs simple and classic, so try stonewashed sheets for something different. There’s no need to have multiple blankets on the bed during summer, so instead invest in thin blankets for sticky and muggy summer evenings.
Sunflower Prints
To really make your room feel like summer, throw sunflower-patterned accent pillows on top of the duvet, or find sunflower bed sets to add to the aesthetic. You can also hang sunflower wall tapestries above the bed on the wall or add a unique touch with sunflower string lights.
Summertime Scents
Summertime is associated with refreshing scents like linens, fruits, and flowers. Find essential oils in these scents for your home and diffuse them, or create a simmer pot with citrus slices and heat it on the stove for a couple of hours so the smell will permeate the whole home.
Decorated Vases
You can display all those freshly picked summertime flowers in modern art vases from a home decor store, clear glasses from hobby and dollar stores, or even empty candle holders. To create a grand display, buy a tall vase to put flowers in and place it near the bed as the main accent piece.
Curtains And Drapes
When it’s time to open the bedroom windows and let in the summer breeze, cotton curtains and drapes keep a room feeling cool. Drapes hung as close to a window as possible trap heat, and for those who prefer sheer curtains and drapes, lace and nylon options let sunlight in without too much heat.