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How To Decorate Your Bedroom According To Your Zodiac Sign
Aries enjoy all shades of red along with orange, yellow, or gold in the bedroom. They might have an area dedicated to their many competitions and accomplishments just above their bed, or perhaps right across where they can see them and feel motivated every morning.
Focusing on sensual pleasures, a Taurus might have high thread-count sheets and silk pillowcases on their bed. With a preference for earthy colors like brown, green, sienna, and dark orange, Taurus will also add pieces with interesting visual and tactile textures like pottery or tapestries.
Although a Gemini’s tastes change pretty often, the color yellow suits them best. The heart of a Gemini's bedroom decor will be a neutral bed, and they will change the accessories according to their mood, while their bookcase will possibly be their most important possession.
Cancer is attracted to water and beach-related colors like blue, aqua, white, and beige. Their bedroom is typically decorated with what makes them feel safe, like photos of loved ones, family keepsakes, and other artifacts that have emotional importance to them.
A Leo will add gold in small (or big) touches in their bedroom, as they prefer colors related to fire and the sun. The bedroom will typically feature a large statement headboard, golden accents, lots of luxurious fabrics, and cushions strewn around.