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How To
Decorate Your
Home Like A
Vincent Van
Gogh Painting
Small Details
Like Van Gogh's attention to detail, you can highlight small intricate details in existing furniture or add ornate accessories to your home. For instance, you might want to paint an old wood piece to showcase ornate detailing or place transfers over milk paint to fake the look of French provincial decor.
Van Gogh was known for his iconic depictions of sunflowers, and you too can decorate your home with them by displaying them on a mantel or printing them on textiles. If you can’t find fresh sunflowers during the warmer months, you can always decorate with fake flowers and create mixed arrangements.
Color Palette
Van Gogh uses bold colors in many of his iconic pieces, so playing with color palettes is a great way to incorporate Van Gogh into your home. AI generators like VANGOGH can create color palettes for you, or you can take your favorite piece of work and pull colors from it.
Wood Mixing
Van Gogh's interior paintings often mix different wood tones, and you can do the same by matching wooden accents to the undertones of the dominant hues found in your home. If there’s a clash between cool and warmer tones, try applying the matching stain to a contrasting piece or paint the furniture.
Gallery Wall
In "Bedroom in Arles," Van Gogh painted a small gallery wall above the bed, and you can do the same by creating one in any space. To make your gallery wall look cohesive, repeat a specific color and art style at least two or three times, and make sure to test different layouts with butcher paper before nailing them to the wall.