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How To Decorate Your House Like Grace And Frankie On Netflix
Nautical Decor
Grace and Frankie overtly brought the ocean into their beach house with nautical decor like a model ship and seashell artwork. For a more subtle maritime look, try incorporating blue, white, and peach colors, patterns including pinstripes and ropes, and textures like shiplap walls and art made from old boating lines.
Large Rugs
If you have a rug, try to have your couch and table placed in the center of it with at least eight to 24 inches of flooring visible between the rug’s edges and the wall. Frankie uses this technique in her home with her table in the center and her L-shaped couch acting as a barrier on one side of the rug.
Funky Mirrors
Mirrors can not only make a room seem bigger and brighter, but they can also be decorative pieces like Grace and Frankie’s wooden mirror frame that is shaped like a bursting star. When choosing a mirror, take into consideration the colors and materials that are in the space that you will put it in.
Mix Patterns & Solids
Grace and Frankie expertly style bold furniture by anchoring it with neutral pieces, like their blue couch that is paired with an orange and white paisley armchair. Vogue calls this kind of floral and patterned furniture the “Grandmillennial look,” and they pair well with solid, neutral-colored pieces.
Chair Covers
Grace and Frankie’s breakfast bar chairs have covers on them, serving both practical and decorative purposes. The cover protects the upholstery from spills, and if you love the shape of the chair but hate the pattern, a chair cover will easily fix that dilemma.