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How To Deep Clean Your Garbage Disposal With Dishwasher Detergent
Cleaning the garbage disposal and preventing odors can be difficult. Fortunately, there's an easy solution: running dishwasher detergent through the garbage disposal.
First, allow hot water to run into the sink. Then, add some liquid or powder dishwashing detergent to begin creating suds before turning on the garbage disposal.
This should loosen the food particles, improving the odor. You then can turn off the garbage disposal and use a tiny scrub brush to go over the blades and the rubber cover.
You can also use dishwashing detergent to do a deep clean. Dump a large number of ice cubes into the garbage disposal, then add some liquid dishwasher detergent.
Then, turn on the water and start the garbage disposal. The chunks of ice will knock food particles loose while the detergent scrubs the blades and the garbage disposal.
For even deeper cleaning after using ice cubes, pour baking soda into the garbage disposal and add white vinegar. Let it sit for several minutes before washing it away with water.