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How To Determine If
A Wall Is
Load-bearing walls support the interior space and the roof of your home. When renovating, it’s important to locate these walls so that you plan around them, or if certain sections need to be removed, they must be replaced with another support system.
Exterior walls should always be considered load-bearing, as they are directly tied to the underneath foundation. It’s also safe to assume that the walls running along the center line of your home are also load-bearing.
Whether from the original build or any amended plan, it will be helpful to get your hands on your property’s blueprints. They will show all the wall structures in your home, and those marked with an “S” are structural support features and the load-bearing walls you’re looking for.
Joists sit on top of the beams that run the length of your property’s floors, and any walls that run perpendicular to them are probably load-bearing. Joists run below the flooring and above the ceiling, so checking the basement and attic can tell you where they are likely positioned.
Your best resource will be those that deal with things like load-bearing walls as a part of their daily jobs. Professionals such as contractors, builders, or architects can give you the guidance you need, whether you’re planning on making small or big changes to your home.