Smiling little girl watering potted hydrangea plant
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How To Determine
The Best Time
Of Day For Watering Your Houseplants
The best time to water your houseplants is in the morning, as this allows them sufficient time to absorb the water and drain efficiently before the day's heat peaks.
Avoid watering at night as it can encourage bacterial growth and root rot due to insufficient sunlight exposure post-watering.
If you only seem to remember to water your plants before bed, create a system that will help
you move to morning watering, like setting a daily alarm on your phone.
Alternatively, consider using Planta, a plant care app. It offers not only watering reminders, but also notifications for fertilization, repotting, and plant
cleaning schedules.
If morning watering remains challenging, an automatic waterer can be helpful. This remote-controllable device enables you to schedule water dispersal in advance.