A lawn with brown and yellow patches
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How To Determine The Best Time To Reseed Your Lawn
Heavy foot traffic, pets, insects, or turf diseases may lead to bare patches and brown or yellow spots on your lawn. When this happens, your yard may need reseeding.
The fall is the prime time to reseed your lawn, as there is enough cool air, warm soil, and increased sunlight exposure, along with fewer active lawn diseases and weeds.
Avoid reseeding during spring. The grass may thrive in the spring conditions, but so will the weed. Meanwhile, the high summer heat and scarce rainfall may also stress your lawn.
The reseeding timeline may also depend on the grass variety. Warm-season varieties like zoysia need warmer climates and abundant sunlight, so they're best sown during the spring.
Meanwhile, early fall (at least 1.5 months before the fall frost) is the best time to seed cool-season grasses like ryegrass, fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass.