Stock shot of Tomatoes on the plant in a local hot house.
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How To Determine The Best Tomato Variant To Plant In Your Garden
If you want to plant tomatoes in your garden, you must first determine the best variant for you by considering climate, season, soil conditions, space, purpose, and preferences.
Those living in cooler climates likely have shorter growing seasons and should look for varieties that grow in the 45-60 day range, like Early Girl or Sub Arctic Plenty.
If you have a more extended season harvest, look for tomato varieties that mature within 75-100 days, such as Cannonballs, Bull’s Heart, or the Heatmaster tomato.
Next, make sure your soil conditions are right. Tomatoes generally prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH between 6.0-6.8, but varieties like Rutger are less picky about acidity.
If you have a large garden, consider "vining" varieties such as Beefsteak or Brandywine. For small gardens, consider "bush" types, such as Roma.
If you often use tomatoes for salads or casual snacking, smaller varieties like Cherry are best, but those who want to make sauces might want meatier types like a San Marzano.
Tomato flavors can range from sweet to tangy to savory, so experiment with varieties. You can even add a splash of color to your garden and meals with yellow and purple tomatoes.