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How To DIY A Shed For Your Storage Solutions On A Budget
If you need a dry place to store tools and supplies but are on a budget, make a simple DIY storage shed like TikToker @janklabs using basic tools and affordable two-by-fours.
You'll need 25 two-by-fours to build a wood frame. The horizontal planks are about 8 feet long and the vertical planks are cut to 6 feet with the extra 2 feet for bracing the roof.
To make roof trusses, you may need some experience with power tools. You'll also need a friend to put the heavy roof frame in place once the sides and one end are built.
The key to making this shed work is the inexpensive tarp used to cover the wood frame, keeping rain and nasty weather out. The TikToker mentioned that the project cost him $90.