Pile of wine corks
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How To DIY A Stunning Accent Wall With Leftover Corks
To spruce up a large, blank wall, TikTok user @regitzejaeger used wine corks to create an accent wall that added texture and interest to her dining room.
If you’ve saved lots of wine corks over the years and want to put them to creative use, this hack is perfect for you. You’ll also need a shear cutter and construction adhesive.
First, plan the design you want to create on your wall. You can recreate @regitzejarger’s downhill look, or figure out another design that suits your home and preference.
Next, cut your corks in half — as many as you need to create your design. Add a layer of construction adhesive to the wall and keep attaching corks until your design is complete.
You can leave the corks as they are or paint them to match your decor. The wine cork look works for a farmhouse or mid-century modern interior with many wood elements.