Bees approaching hummingbird feeder
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How To Easily Keep Bees Away From Your Hummingbird Feeder
Hummingbird feeders often garner uninvited guests like bees. Using a red feeder, installing nectar guards, and finding a shaded spot are crucial steps in combatting a bee takeover.
The color red attracts hummingbirds, while yellow tends to garner bees. Be sure to use a red-dominant hummingbird feeder and avoid yellow as much as possible.
Nectar guards are also extremely important. These make the hole too small for bees to feed out of but just large enough for hummingbirds to use.
If you've been using the same hummingbird feeder for a while, you may want to check for leakage, as holes releasing excess nectar could result in more bee activity.
If bees can use the hummingbird feeder, they will opt for that rather than foraging and pollinating plants. To prevent this, keep your feeder as far from flowers as possible.
You should also place your feeder in a mostly shaded area, as bees tend to stay in sunlight throughout the day and are less likely to venture into the shade than hummingbirds.