In the middle of decoration - the floor covered with wallpaper stripped from walls and ceilings. Georgian sitting room, Edinburgh, UK.
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How To Easily Remove Wallpaper From Drywall
To efficiently remove wallpaper from drywall while avoiding damage, the best options are using a stripping solution, water and vinegar, or a steamer.
If it’s loose already, you may be able to gently pry it off with your hands or
a putty knife. In areas where the paper still sticks, you'll have to try one of the other methods.
First, tape a drop cloth or some plastic to the floor, as this DIY job will quickly become messy because of the use of water or other liquid chemicals.
Removing wallpaper from drywall with a steamer is a common method, but it can be uncomfortable to work with because of the heat, and you may have to rent the steamer.
Some people prefer to use an equal mixture of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Soak the area with this mixture, and it should separate from the drywall.
The most efficient means of removing the wallpaper is using a stripping solution. Dilute it with water in a spray bottle first, and use a putty knife to help pry it loose.