English domestic garden with pots of colourful flowers on the patio, geraniums, hibiscus, stargazer lilies, calibrachoa and fuchsia flowers. In the middle distance and far distance there's a lawn, flowerbeds, rose arch and trees, Haslemere, Surrey, England, UK.
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How To Embrace A More Flexible Garden With Hidden Pots
If you want to easily style your garden, try double potting your plants. This is a simple task that will make subsequently organizing your garden a breeze.
To double pot plants, buy a bigger pot (≈ 6 inches wider at the top) with a drain hole. Partially fill the large pot with soil conditioner, then place the smaller pot inside it.
Make sure to fill the large pot until the rim of the small pot is level with the rim of the larger pot. Then, add soil conditioner into the empty space between the two.
Once you have your pots, dig holes and plant your empty pots, ensuring you keep the rim flush with the ground. You can then start arranging your garden by inserting your plants.
This hack makes rearranging your garden simple. Annual plants are a good choice for double potting, as their quick brightness can be enjoyed and then replaced.
Since no one can see the pots, don't worry about buying fancy or expensive ones. Just be sure to use the same style or family of pot so the plant stays secure and upright.
The pot’s snug place in the ground can mean less watering than a potted plant that sits above the soil. Plus, the plant will be more protected from strong winds.