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How To Embrace The Vintage 'Hipstoric' Home Decor Trend
The 'hipstoric' trend is an upcoming movement that blends vintage items with contemporary décor that is nostalgic, practical, unique, and unafraid to be maximalist.
Repurposing older items is environmentally friendly, and there's no limit to the ways you can combine old and new elements. Each design is your own form of self-expression.
When visiting an antique or thrift store, try seeing items from a new perspective. Arrange vintage art above a modern sideboard or sofa or introduce a chandelier as a period piece.
The hipstoric home trend embraces a home's original construction. Incorporate the unique details your home already has in a new way.
Visit an architectural salvage warehouse to transform ordinary pieces of furniture into treasures, and old vintage technology can work as eye-catching accents.
The hipstoric trend is a way to design a whimsical collection of old and new that creates a functional and personalized environment for your home.