A beautiful modern Patio with a pergola, Wicker sofas etc.
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How To Equip Your Outdoor Patio For Working From Home
Seating And Desk Setup
While you might be tempted to use the patio furniture, designate an area to set up a workstation with a comfortable office chair, stool, or folding chair along with a table.
Add a bar or countertop in your chosen spot or use a standing desk with a stool so you can stand or sit while working. A motion stool also offers comfort while standing or sitting.
Shade And Screens
For sun shade,
add sun sails by attaching them to hooks mounted close to the roof and hooked onto a fence or post. Awnings, canopies, and umbrellas also offer shade from the sun.
To decrease the sun's glare on your workspace even more, add shade screens to a covered patio or to a pergola. The fabric lets a cool breeze blow through and provides privacy.
Light And Sound
Get an extra desk lamp for video calls while you work, or add a ring light which comes in handy at any time of the day since the sun's brightness can get rather unpredictable.
Your setup requires a good sound source like Bluetooth speakers or a noise-canceling headset with a microphone. With the speakers, you can pipe in
a playlist for background music.