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How To Fake Wood Floors With A Concrete DIY
This hack upgrades your concrete floor to resemble expensive wood floors using a wood plank, two shades of floor paint, masking tape, a wood-graining roller, and a concrete sealer.
First, apply a base coat over the concrete floor with a darker paint, then trace the plank shape in rows over the entire floor, separating each plank outline with masking tape.
Next, paint over the plank outlines with a lighter color, use the wood-graining tool to simulate the appearance of real wood, then remove the tape and apply the sealer.
This hack is inexpensive and customizable to your tastes. Use any combination of paint shades that suit your decor, and choose from different types and patterns of wood grain.
While this hack is cost-effective, it's also time-consuming, as you need to space out and lay down the tape and apply the top coat and wood grain one plank outline at a time.