A person inspecting new bed topper on sleeping mattress
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How To Firm Up A Too-Soft Mattress For A Good Night's Sleep
Since beds develop indentations and uneven areas due to the weight and pressure they endure, rotate the mattress 180 degrees and flip it over every six months for more even wear.
You can also invest in a mattress topper that fits the size of your mattress. Opt for a firmer material like latex or memory foam to alleviate pressure points effectively.
You can also increase firmness by placing a piece of plywood or a bunkie board between your mattress and the bed frame for additional support and to reduce the sinking sensation.
Sometimes, an old or worn-out box spring can be the main reason for a sagging or soft mattress. Consider replacing it with a new, sturdy, and durable option.
Since built-up moisture from sweat and humidity can make the mattress feel heavy and firm, let it sit in a dry, sunny spot one to two times a year to let the moisture evaporate.
If you have a memory foam mattress, try to keep your bedroom a little colder than it would be, as the colder temperatures help the foam feel denser.