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How To Fit A Walk-In Shower In A Small Bathroom
If your bathroom is too small for a standard bathtub, here are some pointers to ensure the walk-in shower you install enhances your bathroom and best uses your space.
A walk-in shower can be as small as 9 square feet and look modern and sleek if you select design features that open up the room instead of making it feel dark and cluttered.
Use all available space by adding a shower bench or small stool to sit on and store shower products off the floor, or install a shallow shelf as a leg rest for shaving.
You can also gain extra storage by adding a recessed wall niche, a shower caddy, or a suction cup shelf, and hang S-hooks over the edge of the glass to store towels within reach.
Alhough they need more cleaning, opt for clear glass shower doors. They make the bathroom feel bigger and brighter, while frosted glass shortens the room and blocks light.
Ensure there’s enough room for the doors to open and close. If you’re short on space, use sliding glass doors or a glass panel to keep the water in.
An overhead light source will illuminate the shower properly, and connecting a detachable shower head is useful for bathing kids and pets when there’s no tub.
Choose bright white and neutral colors to lighten the bathroom and make it feel clean and spacious. Use the same color tile for both walls and floors to create a seamless look.