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How To Get Rid Of Dandelions In Your Lawn
Pull Them Up By Hand
Dandelions are perennials, so their root system poses a challenge — using gloves, dig a little bit of soil around the edge of the dandelion, then try to grab as much of the roots as possible and pull. Immediately throw them away as their seeds can still spread.
Broadleaf Herbicide
Although it requires the use of chemicals, using a sprayable broadleaf herbicide is very effective. Apply the herbicide in the fall so the dandelions will suck it into their roots, but to avoid spreading it, lay down tarps, use spot sprayers, and make sure it’s not too windy.
Fertilize Your Lawn
Fertilizing your lawn with a grass-specific formula can help your grass while flushing out nearby weeds. You can also use weed and feed at the beginning of spring and in early fall to strengthen your lawn and kill weeds, but do not combine this with a broadleaf herbicide.
Corn Gluten
While it usually works best on annual weeds, corn gluten dries out seeds before they can germinate, so it can also work with wind-spread dandelion seeds. Apply corn gluten in the early spring and fall, and you can use it in combination with hand pulling and herbicides.
Mow On Higher Setting
Consider raising the height at which you mow as dandelions can’t easily overtake tall grass, and it will prevent them from receiving sunlight. Even though leaving lawn clippings can help feed your lawn, you’ll want to quickly dispose of them to avoid spreading the seedlings.