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How To Get The Look Of A Luxe Kitchen With Basic Laminate Countertops
With major advances in design and quality, laminate countertops are now available in a wide range of gorgeous colors and finishes, making it a cost-effective countertop choice.
To avoid the unsightly damaged seams, chips, and rough edges that originally gave laminate its bad reputation, there are a few factors you should consider before choosing it.
Purchase the best quality you can afford. Laminates come in 22, 28, and 38-millimeter depths; thicker countertops will feel sturdier and look more like natural stone or wood.
You’ll also want a laminate that fits your aesthetic. For example, choose a natural wood look for a rustic mood and marble or stone effects for more opulent or minimal designs.
When it comes to achieving a high-end look, carefully measuring and cutting the laminate, and then properly sealing any joints between sections, will make all the difference.
If you're lacking DIY skills, time, or patience, call in a professional to help with installation, especially if your countertops have intricate or non-standard right-angle edges.