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How To Grow Fruit Using A Ziplock Bag
Popular among commercial growers, this ziplock bag hack keeps pests away from your growing fruits by creating a physical, chemical-free barrier between the two.
To try this hack, start bagging the fruit when they're small, avoiding flowers. Slip the bag over the bottom and secure the zipper seal around the branch.
For a more secure closing, add a twist-tie over the bag. Remove the bags about three weeks before you're ready to harvest so they can develop their color properly.
For apple trees, cut all but one fruit in the cluster once its diameter is at least one-half-inch so that one fruit is larger and of better quality. Then, bag the remaining fruit.
This method is mainly used on fruit and isn’t as popular with veggies, but feel free to experiment. Though it isn't a foolproof plan, it can greatly reduce the pests in your produce.