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How To Hack Your Kitchen Paper Towel Roll Just Like An Airbnb
For a more stylish kitchen in mere minutes, simply spruce up your paper towel roll. TikTok user @deetakesovercleaning has an easy paper towel hack that she uses in her Airbnbs.
Start by ripping off one sheet from the roll and setting it aside. Then, lay your paper towel roll on the counter and spread out two full sheets.
Fold the top right corner to the inner corner of the roll where the rest of the towels continue, creating a triangle, before folding it over to join the rest of the roll.
Carefully lift the sheet and tuck it into the bottom corner under the sheet it lays on top of, creating a pocket. Next, take the sheet you set aside and fold it accordion style.
Continue to fold back and forth until you run out of space and are left with a thin-packed rectangle. Hold the bottom part with one hand and fan out the top folds to make a fan.
Finally, tuck in the bottom part of the fan you're holding into the pocket of the paper towel roll, letting the upper half fan out on the side.
If you’re not the biggest fan of crafting, you can still add charm to your kitchen by opting for a stylish paper towel holder or switching your paper towels for ones with a print.