English Ivy or Hedera helix. Ivy green branches against a gray bark of a tree. Natural background
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How To Handle English Ivy That's Taken Over Your Garden
When it comes to removing English ivy, you can manually pull out the plants by the roots, or opt for chemical treatments ranging from pet-safe organic options to potent herbicides.
Use a sturdy rake for areas with thick ivy mats to help clear your path, and with a spade in hand, dig under each root and pry it up. Multiple attempts may be necessary.
For tree-climbing ivy, pruning saws can be used to snip the vines away to preserve the tree bark. Use a concentrated glyphosate solution on the wounds
to prevent any regrowth.
Alternately, cut the ivy with a lawn mower and apply a herbicide or a solution of white vinegar and dish detergent to the ivy's roots and surrounding soil.