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How To Hang Holiday Garland Outdoors Without Any Hooks Or Nails
To hang holiday garland outdoors without resorting to hooks or nails, an effective method involves the use of a hot glue gun paired with heavy-duty, weatherproof glue sticks.
Gorilla Glue's Hot Glue Sticks are highly recommended for this purpose, as they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.
When hanging the garland, the glue should be applied strategically at various points such as corners, ends, halfway points, any sections bearing more weight, and loose stems.
This ensures that the garland stays securely in place. It's best to undertake this task when temperatures exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit, as this ensures the initial bond
is strong.
When the time comes to remove the garland, the bond can be easily broken by applying rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip or cotton round to the points where the glue adheres to the house.
If necessary, a small putty knife can be used to gently break the seal, allowing for a clean and damage-free removal of the garland.