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How To Install Lighting In Your Garden
Consider The Types
Think about what your yard needs; spotlights, uplights, and downlights highlight one feature while bollard and string lights illuminate and create ambiance in your space. Also, think about the power source you’ll need and whether you want them to be attached to cords.
Floodlights provide security for your home, but they require a permanent power supply. To install, place them near entrances or garage doors, run wiring from your power source to the light, attach it to your house, and make the final connections before turning them on.
Pool And Water Lights
Beautiful water features can turn your backyard into an oasis, and waterproof spotlights help illuminate them. You might want a professional to install these, and make sure you have a GFCI outlet that regulates the electrical current to prevent fatal shocks.
Solar Lights
Place these anywhere in your yard as these don’t require any wiring into a power source. Solar lights have many styles like lanterns or string lights with the panel directly on the fixture, or some may have a separate solar charging panel that you can set in the sun while your lights remain in a shady area.
Path Lighting
To easily move through your backyard, you can either have continuous illumination or pools of light for your walkways. Mount them using stakes, on a hard surface, or directly into the ground, and you’ll often have to use a low voltage transformer that connects to your home’s power.