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How To Install Subway Tile Backsplash
Choose Your Tile
Subway tiles tend to have a uniform look, but there are still decisions to be made while choosing them, including what color to use in your space and which material to use. Traditional subway tiles are made of thin, glazed ceramic, but also come in porcelain, stone, and many other materials.
Prepare The Area
The wall behind your tile needs to be waterproof, so it’s recommended you install a backer board made of cement, fiber, or glass mat gypsum. Thoroughly clean your walls, remove any outlet covers, and tape off the area.
Plan Ahead
It is generally a bad idea to start randomly placing tiles without planning it out, so you can use aluminum Schluter strips to plan out your tile placement, which will also give a nice edge finish to the final product. If you don’t like this look, you can measure your wall and do some calculations, and painter’s tape can be a big help.
Using a tiling trowel, evenly apply tile adhesive in small sections of about 3 to 5 feet at a time, use the notched side of your trowel to create ridges, then simply lay the tiles. Finally, use caulk to fill the gap between the counter and tiles, and enjoy your trendy new backsplash.