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How To Keep Birds From Eating Your Grass Seed
Birds can pose a challenge when growing a healthy lawn from grass seed, as they're known to peck at freshly planted seeds, causing damage and leaving behind a patchy appearance. Fortunately, you can still cultivate a beautiful, healthy, bird-free lawn by employing these simple methods to prevent bird damage.
Covering your seeds with netting is an affordable, easily accessible, and highly effective option to prevent birds from eating your grass seed; just make sure to use a type that's safe for seeds and birds. Simply lay the net over the seeded area so that it is taut, and remove the netting when the grass starts growing to avoid damage.
Bird repellents are another simple, safe, and humane choice, and they work by creating an unpleasant scent, taste, or texture that birds find unappealing. Choose a repellent that's safe for use around pets, children, and other animals and apply according to the instructions for effective protection and a healthy, lush lawn.