A flowering peace lily on window sill at home
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How To Keep Your Peace Lilies Happy And Healthy All Winter Long
Peace lilies are one of the easiest houseplants to grow, but to keep them healthy during winter, you'll need to provide ideal indoor temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions.
Native to rainforests, peace lilies thrive in warm, humid spaces. They don’t tolerate low temperatures, so keep them indoors or bring them in before the weather gets cool.
While they'll tolerate low light, you’ll get more blooms and consistent growth in bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sun burns their leaves, so avoid placing them in a sunny window.
Peace lilies need a humidity level of 50% or more. During winter, place a pebble tray under it, or a small humidifier nearby, to give it the moisture it needs.
Water your peace lily if the leaves droop or the soil is dry an inch below the surface. There's no need to fertilize it since they go mostly dormant during winter.